LIFE MATTERS Counselling & Psychotherapy Centre

“The truth is that our finest moments are most likely to occur when we are feeling deeply uncomfortable, unhappy, or unfulfilled. For it is only in such moments, propelled by our discomfort, that we are likely to step out of our ruts and start searching for different ways or truer answers.”    ~M. Scott Peck~


Wendy’s ability to meet client’s needs is evident through her ability to let go of expectations and expand her perspective of the immediate situation in order to apply the most appropriate intervention.

Wendy consistently applies ethical practice as she not only seeks advice for emerging dynamics, dual relationships and complex cases but also provides sound and thoughtful support to her colleagues in supervision.

Wendy brings her awareness and intelligence to her overall practice structure through conscious decision-making regarding intake procedures, fee schedules, record-keeping and boundary setting.

Wendy possesses a conscious self-responsibility that manifests as dedication to creative practice and initiative to mentor practitioners using sandplay and other modalities.

Dr E Riley

PhD, MA (Couns), GDCouns, BSc



I have had the pleasure of knowing Wendy Eveleigh since 2004. I have had the privilege of engaging with Wendy in a wide variety of professional roles related to counselling/psychotherapy and the broader mental health field. Those roles have evolved over time to include trainee, supervisor, co-trainer, valued colleague, and more. 

Wendy brings a depth of presence and heart, authenticity and integrity, alongside excellent knowledge and skills to her practice that is rare to find. She seeks continual improvement of herself through consistently engaging in further education opportunities and thus expanding her skills and knowledge. Wendy is also innovative; she seeks to explore the leading edges of emerging practice and knowledge in her field, and to bring the best of this to her work and to her clients.  

Wendy actively supports the wellbeing and mental health of individuals and her community on many levels. Through providing quality services to her clients, through her work in the drug and alcohol field, through volunteering her time to support her professional associations, and through engaging in trainer training to pass on her skills and knowledge to emerging counsellors and psychotherapists.  

Martha Calhoun, NSW

Director of Training Member: National Body of Trainers TERC

Ba Social Science; Grad. Dip. TERC; Dip Emotional Release Counselling (ERC); PACFA Accredited Supervisor


Wendy Eveleigh has been a member of our association for 10 years during which she has deepened her commitment to her own journey work and her professional work in supporting others. 
In her work as a Transpersonal and Emotional Release Counsellor (TERC), Wendy embodies the knowledge, skills and wisdom for living and working dynamically and effectively as a counsellor and leader in a changing world. She has successfully helped many people find meaning in life by experiencing healing and growth while in life’s transitions and crisis.
We, the Management Committee of ATERC, acknowledge and greatly value Wendy’s professionalism and her commitment to the wellbeing of her clients. 

Jan Edmitson
On behalf of the Management Committee of ATERC
Association of Transpersonal & Emotional Release Counsellors


I have worked with Wendy Eveleigh as a trainer, her client, and as a colleague over a number of years now. Wendy began this inner work for her own needs. She therefore has firsthand experience of most of the situations her clients bring to her. This highlights a quality that she is able to offer to all those who seek her service - namely - TRUST. Another outstanding quality that Wendy offers is, COMMITMENT. Clients can be assured that Wendy will be able to remain with them in their process for as long as they need. Wendy's ongoing involvement in updating her professional learning also makes her service "LIFE MATTERS" one that is valuable and trustworthy especially in Gunnedah, a small town in a large rural area.

Patricia Nolan

Author (Emotional First-aid for Children: Emotional Release, Exercise and Inner-life Skills; and Emotional Release for Children: Repairing the Past, Preparing the Future)

Counsellor Trainer (Inner Journey Centre, Ellenborough NSW), Supervisor, Counsellor

Port Macquarie, NSW


I’ve known Wendy Eveleigh for many years, working with her as a co-facilitator, and also as a participant in workshops she is facilitating. I always felt a sense of safety and trust when she was present at the workshops. She is dedicated and continues to be open to learning. Essential when assisting others’ on their journeys’. I would have no hesitation in recommending her.

Lisa Collins

Melbourne, Victoria


My experience at Life Matters has been life changing. Wendy Eveleigh helped me to unravel the great knot of anxiety that my inner self had become over the course of my life. By just being there and truly listening with an open mind and heart she showed me a pathway to personal growth that has transformed me. I highly commend Life Matters Counselling and Psychotherapy Centre and congratulate Wendy on her nomination for an award in the Gunnedah & District Chamber of Commerce 2016 Business & Services Awards in the "Excellence in Supporting Mental Health Recovery" category. Your work in this area is truly needed and we are indeed fortunate that your service is available right here in Gunnedah. You definitely should be known to a wider audience.

EM, age 62



I have deep gratitude to Wendy Eveleigh for offering the most inspiring and respectful approaches to health and wellbeing I have ever experienced. The benefits have been profound and the healing limitless. A heartfelt thank you for making this possible. 

Lynette B

South Australia   


I have known Wendy for four years.

Wendy has always been respectful, trustworthy, supportive and encouraging.

Wendy provided a safe space for me to explore and express my emotions for transformation and a deep healing. Wendy’s natural gentleness, compassion, intuition and understanding has helped me to grow to be a more confident and contributing member of my community.

Jennifer W

South Australia


Wendy Eveleigh, the creator of Life Matters Counselling and Psychotherapy Centre and a brilliant practitioner in the field of counselling, psychotherapy and mental health has been a vital part of my own growth and development as a person, and as a professional counsellor, for many years. I treasure my connection with Wendy and have great appreciation of her personal and professional qualities. Wendy's dedication and integrity is what I measure against in my strive to be a good counsellor. The insights, skills and knowledge that Wendy shares so generously as a practitioner in the field of supporting individuals and families through counselling and various psycho-therapeutic models, have always been a guiding light and a true inspiration for me. I do sincerely hope that the work that Wendy and her Centre do is recognised and appreciated in our community as it so deserves to be acknowledged and celebrated!

Lila Pesa 

Holistic/Transpersonal Counsellor

Sydney, NSW  


Wendy is gifted with an open and trustworthy presence, that is both available for others and herself. She has an open, honest and compassionate heart. Her humanity and Soul Self embraces with loving kindness all those who have the honour to be accompanied on their own journey of self-discovery. Wendy's deep authenticity shines through her and permeates all those with whom she has both contact and connection with. I wish her well on her continuing journey in and of life.

Elaine Oberg

Sydney, NSW


I would be very happy to recommend Wendy Eveleigh to another person seeking to work with issues that are challenging for them.  I found her professional, discerning of my apprehension in seeking counselling and most respectful of me and my desire to work with a level of anxiety that was seriously inhibiting my capacity to live life as I would like to.  The journey she partnered me in was most insightful. I felt heard and understood and was awed at the depth of wisdom that was gleaned from within myself through the processes she used with me.  These sessions have been very supportive of the change that was needed to resolve a long standing negative pattern. I would not hesitate to trust myself into Wendy's experienced care with any future issues. 


Armidale, NSW


I have known Wendy Eveleigh over a number of years and been involved in her workshops and practices as a counsellor of which she has facilitated.

She is a very good facilitator and has the ability to discern very quickly what process would be helpful to her client in a counselling situation and to support the client through this particular process, leading them to take charge of their own process and hence is a good mental health approach.

I know of others who have attended her workshops through her private practice in Gunnedah and have greatly benefited from these also.




Life Matters is a haven of support and safety. I always come away from there feeling nourished and positive. Wendy has so much integrity and understated wealth of experience. I highly recommend Life Matters to anyone looking for more from life, or themselves, and anyone seeking to grow self awareness or dealing with change.

Estella Detterer

Hazelbrook, NSW


When I went to see Wendy Eveleigh two years ago, I was in the depths of a serious alcohol addiction and had been in a series of physically and emotionally abusive relationships that had left me feeling isolated, worthless, and unable to cope with life. Wendy helped me through the process of detox and recovery. Even when I stumbled at the beginning she never gave up on me.

During our counselling sessions, Wendy helped me to gain a better understanding of my thoughts, feelings, and emotions. This greater insight allowed me to see the link between my emotions, my alcohol dependence, and my life choices. I always felt I could talk openly and honestly with Wendy about a variety of issues that arose throughout this process.

Since this time I have maintained my recovery, my family life is wonderful, and I have begun a course of study that I've always dreamed of doing. The trusting bond I developed with Wendy through her experienced, caring, and supportive counselling style was an integral part of helping me to break free of my addiction, rebuild my self-esteem, and begin to enjoy life again.

I would recommend Wendy Eveleigh's counselling services to anyone who is facing challenges in their life.

S. S, age 34